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The Journey Back - Part 9

This week has been a challenging week from the point of view of my journey back. Originally my journey was meant to take me back to the point where I was fully functioning as a musician, songwriter and producer. I was so far away from it when I started that I didn’t really have an end goal. I just wanted to move forward to somewhere better. I talked to someone this week about my journey. They couldn’t believe that only a year ago I had lost the ability to play the guitar. When I told them that I hadn’t yet reached the level that I was they were surprised at the level I had been. They had only known me as I am. The question I am left with is this my new norm or is there still some growth to come. I pushed myself harder this week than I have in a year and it hasn’t gone well. So for the moment I know where my ceiling is, it went passed it this week and paid the price. I ended up in hospital last time because I decided that paying the price was acceptable. So now I have come to the conclusion that my ceiling is my ceiling but once I have lived just under it for a while I will test it again.

The journey will continue it will now, hopefully, be a series of plateaus followed by some growth as I keep testing my ceiling. For now I am going to live the plateau until I am read to test the ceiling again.

As long as I am alive the journey will continue and I will enjoy every minute of it whether it is a plateau or a climb.

Have a great week.

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