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The Plan Moving Forward.

One of the big things that my short time at University taught me is that Music is a Complete Language. My Blog so far has had lots of strands of music but not a Complete Language.

Because it is a course there are individual subjects and it is easy to think of music as separate parts – Theory, Reading, Playing, Hearing, Technology and History but when you see all this as being interlocking parts of a Complete Music Language then an amazing thing happens.

Being good at theory helps you do all the other things better. In this day technology helps us express ourselves better than at any time in history. Knowing the history confirms that.

When I first started playing in bands in 1972 I was 9 years old. I was lucky that other older guys let me hang around with them and learn from them. To record back then you wrote a song, took it to the band and practiced and practiced until you thought you were good enough then you raised the money to go into a studio and record it. You then went home and only then did you hear the flaws in the song. You had a choice – did you sell the recording that you were unhappy with but you had spent a lot of money on or did you save more money and do it all again – hoping it would be better. This was a make or break for a lot of bands that I was in when I was younger. Now for around $2000 you can have a high quality studio in your home and record your song as many times as you like, trying lots of different ideas without spending another cent. Now you can record ideas and put them out on music forums to get feedback, you can collaborate with someone anywhere in the world with the internet.

You can record and sell one song at a time through I-tunes and other online sellers, you can have a band in your living room through MIDI and samples. Now is the time to be a musician. There are still live venues and they will return after Coronavirus and there will be a lot more online opportunities as well.

So in this blog, from now on, I will look at each of the components of the Complete Language of Music but I will also show how the whole is greater when we spend time on the parts. The short time I was at university Music Theory seemed to be the thing that most people understood the least and many could not see the point of it to a musician. Music Theory is not just about Classical Music but about every musical expression both historical and current. It is the backbone of the Language so I am going to start there. Watch this space and Enjoy.

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