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The Power of Clarity

Sitting contemplating
The Power of Clarity

The Journey begins its next Chapter

This last year has been an interesting journey. I graduated last May with a Music Degree and had decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my music career. I had a plan that worked to my strengths and I felt fulfilled in it.

The Business is all about Money

Then I got sidetracked by the whole making money side of my music business. The goal was to make money. I have a range of skills that I have developed over the years and sometimes with so much choice you end up chasing everything.

I did. A website was the bare minimum, so I got someone to build a website. Social media is a must so I played that game. I can teach, that will earn me quick money, so I created more content. Then I came to a point where I was no longer a composer and songwriter but I was a million other things that had to be done to be successful.

The Wheels begin to Fall off

I had minimal success with social media and I began to wonder if I would ever be a composer again.

The money ran out and so did my enthusiasm for all things business.

This is when I had to stop and take a long hard look at myself. I had done so many things for free – to raise my profile – but those things had cost me time, money and my sanity.

Now I have come to a place where I just want to create music and keep the business simple. 2 weeks ago, I injured my back and recovering from that meant that I had a lot of time to stop and think.

The Power of Clarity

Without all the noise and activity of trying to make money I looked to find what really matters. I decided that I needed The Power of Clarity.

I still had so many options musically that I could have the same problem. I realised that I like creating Relaxation Music. Someone said have a go, there is a big market for it. So, I did and I realised  that I really enjoyed the simplicity of a couple of instruments all creating a laidback mood. It relaxed me creating it.

I also found that a lot of my favourite musical ideas of the past were in a relaxing mood. I was genuinely surprised. I want to explore this more and enjoy my music again.

The second thing is that I had this dream to record an album of songs that documented my journey as a man, all the ups and downs that makes me who I am. The lessons that I have learnt and want to pass on. It has always been called – “To be this Man”. Watch this space – it is coming.

I know that I am focused again and back to a happy place. I don’t regret the journey – I learnt a lot about myself, what is right for me and what is not. You have to try things to realise that they are not for you. It doesn’t make them bad, just not for you.

A Message to You

I encourage anyone reading this to really think about who you and how you express yourselves. Then stay true to it by regularly questioning where you are and making those adjustments that take you closer to the true you. Enjoy the journey.


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