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Songwriting - The Power of Rest

Updated: Jan 18

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Songwriters need to prioritise rest

Today I want to talk about how I learnt the power of rest.

Recently my body began to tell me, again, to rest and I didn’t listen. I had so much to do that stopping and resting was not an option. I had been saying to my wife over and over that I needed to rest. The school holidays were coming and when you home school they really are a break so she suggested taking a week off. It sounded good until people started asking me to get together or help with stuff. Suddenly me week was filling up and I was getting more and more tired. After a disagreement about me talking the talk and not walking the walk I sent out a series of messages saying I was having a break and would not be available for a week. I went upstairs and thought “what am I going to do for a week”. One minute I was sitting on the bed and the next it was 4 hours later. This became a regular thing over the next few days and after I got over the guilt of not doing all those jobs, I began to enjoy the rest. The first week became the second week and I began to do a bit here and there but nowhere near what I intended. Yesterday was my first day back into doing and I achieved more in 2 and a ½ hours than I would in the whole week before my rest.


This was written in 2014 and I am reading it again, saying to myself – where am I going into 2024.

Rest is an ongoing battle. I am 10 years older but am I wiser.


It is the week between Christmas and New Year. In the last 10 years I have learnt that rest looks different for everyone. For me it is catching up with people. However, I have a daily schedule for my business that has specific times of rest. Over the years I have enjoyed early morning walks. Although they are physically demanding I find them restful because I can clear my mind and process the day ahead.


January 3rd sees me back at work and working out the kinks in my schedule. My conclusion is that I have to work at resting. Resting, for me, is not just doing nothing but it is doing the things that re-energise me. There are people that re-energise me, there is music and books and tv shows and there is working at being rested in my mind. When I achieve these things, I sense the improvement in my well-being.


I have created a weekly diary that is honest about what I do and I have created rest times every day. I know that there will be good days and not so good days but I have seen the value in rest and I will ensure that it is part of my holistic health plan.


What about you? If you were to write down the rest times during the week would there be any, or just a little, or not enough.


Are you sluggish all the time? Does it take longer to do anything than it should?


Learn the power of rest. It is a choice not a luxury.


Oh, by the way. The big lesson that I learnt and continue to learn is that the world didn’t end because my jobs didn’t get done and the people in my life survived without me for 2 weeks. Lastly, remember that guilt is a liar and rest really does give you life not loss.


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