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The Scary Business of Building a Powerful Team.

The interesting thing you will hear from every business expert is “build a powerful team around you”. How scary is it to build a powerful team? But how do you do that. I have been going to a university that specializes in all aspects of entertainment.


I have been collaborating on a number of projects and building relationships. It has been interesting looking at the kind of people that I want to work with and, possibly, more importantly the people I don’t want to work with.

Choosing the Team.

I am a patient person but one thing that I believe will destroy my business are people who do not deliver on their promises. So, when I meet someone, I test them to see how they go before I commit to working with them. If they say they will call me and then don’t. They say they are coming to a meeting and then don’t it is a pretty good indicator that I will be chasing them all the time, for the smallest things.

On the other hand, if they say they will do something and finish it early or go beyond the point we agreed they are gold. I will do everything in my power to work with them. I will give them grace if they are having a bad day or if their life situation suddenly becomes complicated.

Building the Team.

Building an effective team takes time and I have learnt to use the time I have before launching my business in May to find the right people. I will also use the time let go of the wrong people before they get too involved and necessary.

I have met some quality people and tried to use my skills to make their lives better until I can offer them a realistic wage for their skills. Strong relationships take time and a lot of giving but the rewards are worth it.

One of the great things about creative and motivated people is that they have a range of skills. One singer is a great artist and wants to offer artwork to other performers. Another singer is an influencer and will offer influencing opportunities to the performers. I have other people who are great organisers and can help build processes for everyone to follow.

By May I hopeful of having found the people that will be the core of my business. I am learning the important question “what else can you do to help others”. I am filling in the gaps and also creating a community that works for each other.

Lastly, I think the most important thing about my business is to be the kind of person I want to work with. To do what I say I will and try and do it to the best of my ability, to give more than is expected whenever I can and to care about the people around me.

Let me know if that is the kind of business you would like to be in.

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