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Two simple tips to get Expressive Acoustic Guitar.

Being a guitar player, I have spent a lot of time trying to get the most expressive Acoustic Guitar sound that I can. I have learnt 2 things that have made a huge difference.

Recording Tip 1.

The first tip is to use a number of microphones and also record direct from the guitar. Having a lot of sound options enables me to create different sounds for the same guitar without a load of effects. It can then free up the processing power of my computer to better use. You can also change the sound of the guitar in different sections by changing the levels of the mix of the different recordings.

I use a Dynamic microphone close to the sound hole and a Condenser microphone towards the neck. There needs to be a space to play the instrument and not knock the microphones. However try and get them as close as possible.

Recording Tip 2.

The second tip is to record each section separately making sure that you get the best recording possible. This gives the best clarity throughout the song. If you are playing finger picking you will need to increase the record volumes more to achieve clarity. If you are playing a driving rock beat it will need to be lower. You can change the volumes in the mix to give you the sound you want but it is harder to make a muddy sound clearer than a clear sound muddy.

Some people use compressors and there is nothing wrong with that but they reduce the dynamic range of the sound to get the control on the volume. It is a trade-off.

You can take this principal when recording any acoustic instruments or even vocals.

Happy recording.

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