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What's your mood?

I love creating little moments of moods through my music. Often I just imagine a scene and try and create music that would flow with it.

The music link below is for a track called “Light and Easy”. I remember seeing a young child playing. Having fun just watching a butterfly when a friend comes over to share the experience and they laugh together over the butterfly as they blow gently on it to get it to fly. After a while the butterfly flies off out of sight and they just sit together before being called in by their parents.

So the images in my mind and the feelings I felt as an observer went in to “Light and Easy”. Have a listen, can you imagine a scene that the music suggests to you?

This is the nature of music for film and TV, it helps you to interrupt the scene before you and how the director wants you to feel. Maybe watch a scene with the sound muted and try and decide how you feel about it. Then watch the scene with the music on.

My son recently did this as a science project and got friends and family to fill out questionnaires to work how powerful the influence of the music was. Overall the response was that the music either heightened the emotions or actually changed the emotions of the scene.

In the coming weeks I will bring more pieces of mood music and see how you feel about them yourself.

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