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When I made the decision.

In a post, a number of weeks ago, I talked about being accepted on a music course. My elation was very high and the future looked amazing. The next challenge was to get funding to pay for the course and then have a debt because I couldn’t see any other way forward. I have been guaranteed a place on the Diploma of Music Industry with the option to carry on and do the Bachelor Degree of Music Industry. I have chosen to go on the Composing stream as this is where I want to spend the rest of my career. You have to choose a 1st instrument so I am playing Bass because there are so many more opportunities for Bass players. Essentially I had decided to be practical instead of idealistic. 2 weeks ago came the news that it would take 20 months to process my application for citizenship and therefore I could not claim for a hex debt (education loan) to pay for my course. The Diploma is $18,000 and the Bachelor is $54,000.

I know that once I am on the course and I prove that I am a capable and willing Bass player and composer I will be able to get paid work. So, I want to be a composer and what better way to pay for my composing course than to earn the money as a composer and musician. Once I had made the decision I felt extremely liberated. At present I have no idea as to the steps I am going to take but I have done my research and the possibilities are presenting themselves. From now on I am going to dedicate 1 post a week to letting you know about the journey towards starting my course in February. I know that this will keep me accountable and maybe help some others to find their path. Watch this space. Enjoy.

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