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Why give it away for free?

I seem to be being asked this a lot lately. The answer is very simple. In the past I have tried to make money from my knowledge and teaching skills but I always ended up getting sucked into marketing plans and what was the greatest money making strategy. I spent more time doing all the stuff to make money than I did teaching music. My posts became all about maximising word searches. My titles had to be clever and grabbing people’s attention. I sweated over every word and whether it would make me followers and how much money they would spend.

I hated every minute of it because I was doing what I loved less and less. So this time I am keeping it simple and I am doing it for the love of it.

The backing tracks will help you experiment, the factsheets may well answer that question you are not sure about and the books are free to download. Noisetrade asks everyone on it to ask for a donation so I put a number but people have already downloaded the books and not paid and to be honest it made me smile to know that I was helping someone.

I have kept going longer than before and enjoyed every minute of it so far. I have so much more to give that I hope people will get on the blog and get what they need to help them on their learning journey. I say “enjoy” at the end of each post because that is my desire. That you enjoy what I can offer.


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