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My audition for the Diploma/ Bachelor Degree of Music Industry was on Friday midday. I had prepared as much as I could. I had created 2 backing tracks with the sole purpose of highlighting my ability on the bass and my knowledge of music theory. I had practised to the point where I could play both pieces without looking at any music sheets.

Most importantly of all I had a number of, get out of trouble, ideas planned and practiced. Basically it is very important to have ways to get out of mistakes or moments of panic planned and prepared for. The principle was that they didn’t know what I was going to play and as long as it worked I was ok.

As it happened both pieces went well and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. I sat down to answer questions but they started with “We are offering you a place on the course”. The conversation flowed easily. After all music is my favourite subject and I was talking to people who felt the same. My assessor finished with “so what can I do to help you before February”. That was easy – “You could offer me some paid gigs as a bass player”. It was a bit out there but he just nodded and said “Yer, I am always looking for bass players”. I had to get the train home but I think I could have floated the whole way. The interesting thing was that when I got home I just crashed. It was only then that I realised how many hours I had put into the preparation for the audition and the tension that I had dealt with. The weekend seemed to blur but today being Monday I am ready for the next project and everything it throws at me. Enjoy your week.

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